Понеделник, 16 Юли 2018

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We established EURO LEX, a Bulgarian law company, in 2004, having the idea of unifying the experience and wisdom brought by the long years of work in the field of jurisprudence. Working in Bulgaria, we assumed that under the conditions of intensive changes our past will help the future. We accepted the dynamic business environment and we respond to it in an adequate way.

Our company works in the field of law. Our experts can easily conceive the specific nature of the question being of interest to our client, they can give its correct legal formulation, and before you can feel it, they can provide the best possible solution.

We value our time as well as the time of our client and this is why we make continuous efforts to maintain the quality of the services offered to our clients.

Foreign languages we use in our work are: English, Italian, Russian and Turkish.

Our objective is to make the life of our clients easier by means of providing complex solutions to outstanding issues, applying our expertise.

For those of you who are doing their first steps in business, we offer consultations related to the selection of the organizational form, company registration, accountancy services.

For your companies in operation, we offer programs for overall legal servicing, solving issues related to the activities of the companies, subscription service.

It is our conviction that:

• New standards of legal services are becoming necessary in the complex and quickly changing legal and economic reality;
• The good partnership among lawyers having professional experience and knowledge in various fields of law is the basic precondition for rendering quality legal services of a complex nature.
• The success of the client-lawyer relationship depends to a large extent on the competence, loyalty and active nature of the lawyer;
• Keeping the company’s as well as the person’s secrets of the client represents a substantial part of the professional ethics of the lawyer.


Sofia, 1113, "Izgrev" area, 16 "Frederik Julio Kiuri" street, block 155, parter, office 1; phone/fax 02 983 2187; e-mail: office@eurolex-bg.com