Понеделник, 16 Юли 2018

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The Bulgarian law company EURO LEX offers the full spectrum of legal services in the field of corporate law.
We offer complex legal solutions and consultations in relation to events of the corporate life of the companies.

We offer legal advice to both local and international companies and groups in the following fields:

1) Consultations related to the requirements of the legislation in force in the field of corporate law;
2) Changes connected with circumstances, relating to commercial companies;
3) mergers, acquisitions, transformation of commercial companies;
4) Relations between partners and shareholders;
5) Joint ventures;
6) Legal analysis;
7) Optimization of the work of the companies
8) Questions arising in the course of the daily operational activities.


Sofia, 1113, "Izgrev" area, 16 "Frederik Julio Kiuri" street, block 155, parter, office 1; phone/fax 02 983 2187; e-mail: office@eurolex-bg.com