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Real estate is part of the so-called “Immovable property”.
Without the presence of an explicit legal definition of what “Immovable property” is, it is written in the Property Law in force in Bulgaria that that is the land, plants, buildings and other structures and all that which has been attached permanently to the land or to the building either naturally or through the activities of man.

The right of ownership of an object guarantees the following to the owner: (1) the right to use their object; (2) the right to receive the fruit of their object; (3) the right to administer it.

The right of ownership has an absolute nature which means that no one has the right to disturb the property or to obstruct its owner to exercise his or her rights.

The right of ownership on real estate can be acquired by means of the methods established by the legislation.

The acquisition of the right of ownership or other rights on real estate by means of a legal deal is possible through a sale, an exchange, a contract for maintenance and cares, a will.

The acquisition of the right of ownership or other rights on real estate is also possible through inheritance and by virtue of a normative act.

The acquisition of the right of ownership or other rights on real estate can also be implemented by virtue of a court decision.

In case of unavailability of a property-proving document, the owner can acquire one by means of establishing an ascertainment notarial act. The ascertainment notarial act does not create the right of ownership, but it only certifies this right. So that, if the notarial act has been issued on behalf of a non-owner, the owner can prove his or her right, the right that he or she has not lost.

The documents, by means of which the right of ownership is certified, are always in writing, having a strictly defined form.

The register of the property owned is maintained by the Registry Agency,  Property Register

The Bulgarian law company EURO LEX offers the full spectrum of services related to the acquisition of the right of ownership, its certification, administering and protection.


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