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The arrangements for residence of foreign citizens on the territory of Bulgaria are the subject of special regulations. The arrangements for residence of foreigners on the territory of Bulgaria are divided into ones, intended for European Union citizens, and ones intended for citizens of third countries.
The foreigners, residing in Bulgaria on legal grounds, have all rights and obligation in compliance with the Constitution of Bulgaria unless there is an explicit requirement for the presence of a Bulgarian citizenship.
The citizens of the European Union member states do not need a Residence Permit if they stay on the territory of Bulgaria up to 3 (three) months. If they meet the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, such persons, if they wish, can stay for a period of up to 5 (five) years or permanently.
Citizens of states which are not members of the European Union have the right to go across the country in transit, unless there is a presence of an agreement of a different nature.
Foreigners can reside in Bulgaria for a short term (90 days from the date of entry), they can have an extended stay (one year), long-term residence (with initially approved residence of 5 years with an option of extension) and permanent residence – for an unlimited period of time.

Among the foreigners who can receive a long-term residence permit are: (1) persons who have established commercial companies having at least 10 working places for Bulgarian citizens; (2) foreign experts staying in the country in connection with international agreements; (3) representatives of foreign companies.

Among the foreigners who can receive a permanent residence permit are: (1) people who have invested or have increased their investment over 1 million leva by acquiring: shares of Bulgarian companies traded on the regulated market; bonds and securities as well as derivative instruments issued by the state and the municipalities having a maturity date not earlier than 6 months; ownership of assets of a Bulgarian company having over 50% state or municipality participation in the capital in compliance with the privatization and post privatization control; state or municipality shares, belonging to a Bulgarian company in compliance with the privatization and post privatization control; Bulgarian intellectual property; rights in accordance with concession agreements in force in the Republic of Bulgaria; persons who have invested over 1 million leva in a licensed Bulgarian credit institution for a period not shorter than 5 years; persons who have invested at least 6 million leva in the capital of a Bulgarian company whose shares are not traded on the regulated market; persons who have received Certificate for Investment Class A or a priority investment.

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