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It happens that in the process of its activities, every company comes across dishonest actions of its partners, counterparts and competitors.
It cannot be argued that the court procedures, from purely economic point of view, should be avoided and this makes it necessary to settle the disputes extra-judicially. In case there is no will on the part of the arguing parties to reach an agreement on the disputed matters extra-judicially, and then the settlement of the dispute remains to be reached in the court room, it is better to protect the interests employing qualified and experienced lawyers.

The experts of EURO LEX are able

- to take part in negotiations for a voluntary settlement of the dispute;
- to render the necessary consultancy in connection with filing of a court case;
- to take part in court procedures of  any complexity and at any stage of its hearing;
- to provide the necessary control on the implementation of the court ruling.

Which disputes can receive our help?

- disputes related to non-implementation of contractual obligations;
- disputes related to fiscal relations;
- disputes related to relations between partners;
- disputes related to relations between shareholders;
- disputes related to real estate rights;
- disputes related to appealing actions of administrative organs;
- disputes related to intellectual property;
- disputes with insurance companies;
- disputes related to compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage;
- other disputes.

The price of the service is determined for each specific case, depending on the complexity of the case and the price of the claim. The price shall be agreed upon in advance and the agreement shall be certified by signing a contract.


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