Понеделник, 16 Юли 2018

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You can rely on us concerning all corporate matters, related to the law, including trade, taxation and administrative ones.

Negotiations, contracts and their defense are part of the experience we would like to share with you.

We actively work on all matters related to the acquisition, control and disposition of rights in rem.

We also assist our clients in registering and defending trade marks, industrial specimens and other rights in the field of intellectual property.

If you have to receive money according to a contract or other grounds, we can, instead of you, conduct negotiations with the debtor, negotiate for making up an agreement, and do so that by low costs you could quickly receive the funds so much needed for your commercial activities.

We have elaborated a system for a constant feedback for the client to receive updated information about the progress of work on the assignments entrusted with us.

In addition to all stated above, we commit ourselves to duly inform about changes in the legislation in force on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as its reflection and influence on the immediate trade activity of our client and, furthermore, to offer solutions in connection with the correct application of such changes.

We can give our useful contribution in the course of mediation, as a technique of extrajudicial settlement of disputes of any nature.

In the course of time we established that the availability of a constant link with the client leads to the reduction of the time needed to react to an assigned case without the necessity for additional engagement to supply explanations. That is why, with the view of having a constant contact, we offer a subscription program for overall legal services within a monthly period of time.


Sofia, 1113, "Izgrev" area, 16 "Frederik Julio Kiuri" street, block 155, parter, office 1; phone/fax 02 983 2187; e-mail: office@eurolex-bg.com